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Some more helpful tips for Twitter marketers

This is post #8 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

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As you certainly know by now, we are experimenting with Twitter to see how you can use it as a marketing tool. Until now we have tried to balance the edge and we have been in the gray zoon almost touching the forbidden actions. I fully understand that the Twitter guys need to have a lot of restrictions to control the use of twitter. It’s more than OK that they put the Twitter users experience first, but I don’t really understand their means all the time.

Obviously the number one goal in this is to eliminate aggressive behavior like following and unfollowing thousands of users using automation. Another thing to eliminate is to spam other users with hundreds of automated tweets every day. The word automation appears as you can see in both sentences above. And you are right; the automation has been something ugly in the eyes of the Twitter guys. If you like DELL and others are hiring hundreds of people to do the aggressive work for you it’s OK, but if you use a piece of software to do following, unfollowing and tweeting, not aggressively but gently as if you had done it manually it’s not OK. Is that to favour the big and important customers at the expense of the little guy who wants a little relief with the tidy tasks?

The last slap from Twitter was that our account is filtered out from the search. Our tweets don’t appear in the Twitter search any longer; not even our account appears there. The reason is low quality tweets. Strange enough, our followers like them and re-tweet them a lot. The only reason as we see is that some of them have been automated. We are glad our account still works so we can tweet and receive replies and direct messages. From now on we will keep a very low profile and abbey the roles carefully. We do that for three reasons; Even though we don’t understand why some (Dell and President Obama to mention a few) can do things to make the Twitter usage a little bit easier and receive special treatment, we like Twitter and think it’s a great tool for social contacts and marketing. The other reason is that our account has grown to such a size that it’s very valuable for our branding. The third reason is that we are curious to see if it is possible to recover from this situation through correct behavior and again appear in the searches like under normal conditions. The last is an important part of this project.

To sum up what we have leaned so far in our Twitter project. Don’t use automation; not even very gently as if you do it manually. It is possible to build a descent sized Twitter profile manually but it takes much longer time if you cannot afford to hire people. Your Twitter profile doesn’t have to contain so many followers either. The only positive thing with many followers is to brand your self. It’s very difficult to build a huge Twitter profile with such targeted followers that you can market only by sending out tweets. The right way to market via Twitter is to use the advanced Twitter search to find the highly targeted prospects you want to approach and nicely help them with their problem. They will of course try to find out who you are and in that case a sizable Twitter profile of a couple of thousands followers will help you. You actually don’t need more followers than that to be successful in Twitter marketing. The most important thing is that you keep your Twitter profile in good shape, tweet about interesting things and always are helpful and nice to your audience.


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We now have a lot of experience

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This is post #7 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven't seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

Post #1 Post #2 Post #3 Post #4 Post #5 Post #6

We made the first post about the Twitter project at the end of august 09 so it’s almost four months of experience we can put to use in this and coming posts. This is post # seven and if you have missed some of the six first, there are links to them above. Unless you want to learn from all the mistakes we have done on the way, you can start here because now we will try to give good advice based on what we have learned during this project.

We made four Twitter profiles (Twitter accounts) and the main account has now around 22,700 followers. The other three profiles have together about 20,000 followers. When we started this project we thought that the more followers the better it is for marketing. In hindsight this is not so obvious any longer. You need a certain number of followers to make people trust and listen to you, but that is the only reason for many followers.

When you tweet about something you get more attention and more clicks on your link the more followers you have, but we have found that such attention and clicks are not targeted enough to give you the conversion (convert prospects to customers) that you are looking for. This type of marketing has a conversion rate of 0.01% to 0.10%. Fortunately Twitter can offer you a much better way to market your product or service. You use Twitters advanced search and search on an exact phrase like “I need money”. You will then see all tweets containing that phrase and you can send them your post. It is important that it's a reply and not a direct message. People rarely pay any attention to the direct messages but they are very interested in the replies. This method has a very high conversion rate since it is much targeted. It's a little tricky to find out the best phrases but if you can rely on your imagination and practice for some time you will find this very effective.

What happens when you use this method is that the person you send your tweet to, sees your solution and they start to evaluate you, and if you have a nice profile, a descent number of followers and look trustworthy your change of success is very high. You don’t need many thousands of followers to be successful with this and it's much easier to be social, friendly and responsive if you have around 5,000 followers than if you have over 10,000. A number around 5,000 looks trustworthy enough.

It’s a lot more hard work using this method than just sending out tweets to many thousands of followers but we think it's better to work hard and get good results than do less and get very poor results. As a matter of fact it is possible to automate this method as well but I will come back to that in a later post.

What is a nice profile then you may ask? Pot some work into it and select a Twitter background of your own. It doesn’t look professional if you are just using the same as all the other Twitter users do. Have a nice picture on your profile a picture of you with your very best smile is very good; it shows that you are a nice person. A nice person is more trustworthy than a not so nice person, right? It's very important that your tweets are interesting and stand out in a way. That makes people remember you and even look out for your tweets. I like humor and decided that short humorous quotes would be something that other users would like and I think that it has been very effective. When other users mention or re-tweet you always respond with a reply where you say something like “I just visited your great blog/home page” and include the URL to their blog/home page in your reply. As you can see it's about being friendly and helpful you win the trust of your followers.

The next post in this series is here: Post #8


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We found the Twitter tool we have been looking for

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This is post #6 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

Post #1:    Post #2:    Post #3:    Post #4:    Post #5:

In the last post we mentioned Army of Followers and that we found them very basic most suitable for real Twitter newbie’s that need to know what twitter is and how to register and set up a profile.

When surfing around in that site we found a few funny tools of which we are going to show you one today. It’s a Swedish developer Jonas Lejon who has put together a site he calls Tweet Value. He has tried to develop an algorithm for calculating the value of a Twitter Profile. The site doesn’t disclose anything about how the algorithm calculate the value of a profile but one can suspect that it has to do with number of followers and friends as well as the number of tweets, maybe quality of tweets and the number of responses and re-tweets. It must also be possible to consider the Google page rank for the profile in the calculation. You can try the calculator by clicking the black button to the right. I was almost chocked when I calculated the value of our main profile and found that it right now is US $ 6,400.00. The total value of our four Twitter profiles is according to Tweet Value US $ 11,801.00. We now have 17,000 followers in our main profile and 33,825 followers totally in our four profiles.

A couple of days ago I found what I have been waiting for a long time. I found a new service called Twitter Tank and I have been busy investigating it, setting up two of my profiles to test it out and started to develop some very smart tools to complement it. Twitter Tank is a very good system to put your Twitter profiles on autopilot. In this site you will find 8 quite easy to follow and very good videos describing the whole process of setting up a Twitter profile to making it a profitable business almost on autopilot. I found that it takes about one and a half hour to set up one profile and then I estimate it will take about ten to twenty minutes a day to maintain that profile. You will then have access to the site that contains many very smart tools which make your life easy maintaing your profile. Right now you can get access to the Twitter Tank system at an introductory price, a one time payment under US $ 20.00. They are very generous and will let you get all eight videos to watch before you by but I wouldn’t risk postpone the purchase of this excellent system which is a bargain at its ordinary price around US $ 77.00. This is the best purchase I have made in a long time.

Let take a look at the performance.

The software we have used so far works better than ever. Our new strategy works and as you can see from the image above, we have picked up speed again. We think that Twitter Tank and Hummingbird will be a winning combination.

We have now removed all the links to Twitter Tank since we have found that WOT (Web of Trust) has pointed out their website as unsafe. It is sad because they had some nice features in their system but we can not direct people to an unsafe site.

The next post in this series is here: post #7.


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Almost four month into our Twitter project

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This is post #5 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

Post #1:    Post #2:    Post #3:    Post #4:

When we started this project, we wanted to see if we could build a huge twitter profile with tens of thousands followers in a relatively short period of time on autopilot.

The image above shows us that during the first period until the beginning of September, everything went according to the plans. We can se a significant increase in followers taking place in the middle of August when we started to use Hummingbird, very smart software that can help follow and un-follow large amounts of Twitter followers automatically. It worked fine until we got our main account suspended. We had obviously used our Hummingbird software too effectively. We luckily managed to get on speaking terms with the Twitter support guys and got our main account restored and could continue our project. The post before this one, explains how we changed our use of Hummingbird in order to stay under the radar and avoid getting our main account suspended again. This new strategy aims to, as much as possible, simulate what you can do manually without an automated software. It’s not a set and forgets strategy any longer, but still a lot easier and more effective than doing it manually.

It is possible to ad followers faster than we have done during the period from the beginning of September until now. There are mainly two reasons the increase has been unnecessary slow.

1. The Hummingbird development team released a beta test variant of Hummingbird II and in connection to that they changed both releases and recommended the users to try the beta test version. We did for a while, and found that it will probably be a fantastic tool if they manage to get everything in place and working well. Right now though, we found that it is far from ready to use so we decided to change back to Hummingbird I. We found that it wasn’t updated for some time and found that we couldn’t update it as usual. We needed to spend a lot of time in the Hummingbird forum (not around any longer) and read a lot of crap before we found out that we needed to go to a special website to reinstall Hummingbird I. Now it works better than ever and we will continue to use it according to the new strategy and we expect to increase our Twitter followers faster again.

2. We have seen that from time to time large numbers of Twitter followers disappear from our accounts. First we thought that people simply un-followed and we tried to find out what we made wrong. Then, when we spent a lot of time in the Twitter forums (not around any longer), we found out that the Twitter team from time to time runs campaigns during which they suspend thousands of Twitter accounts due to different ways of misuse. We probably had twitter spammers among our followers and friends and they disappeared when their accounts where suspended.

Today we have 15,635 followers I our main Twitter account. In this project we are building four accounts and right now the total number of followers in all four accounts is a little bit over 31,000.

We have now talked about building an account by following large number of targeted followers and hope that they will follow back. The most important aspect of building is the way you tweet with your followers and friends. Post #2 in this series covers our initial strategy for tweeting and we are constantly thinking about how to improve it even more. Until recently most of the tweets was done on auto pilot. We used a service called Twit Robot, which allowed you to put some hundred tweets in your private twitter data base and Twit Robot randomly picked tweets from your data base and posted them in your time line at a rate you had selected. One could select rates from every minute to once a day. This was a terrific service. Recently this service stopped and when we tried to log in the URL was redirected to something called “Army of Followers” (not around any longer). We tried it and found it very basic. If you are new to Twitter and want to find out the basics of using it, these videos and e-books can be of value. They also had some odd and funny tools we will cover in our next post about our Twitter project.

The next post in this series is here: post #6.


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We continue to follow up on our Twitter project

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This is post #3 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

Post #1:     Post #2:

This is post no. 3 about our Twitter and list building project.15 days since our last post. The figures presented below are five days old. An interesting thing is that we have been away 6 days from our computer during this period. There is very close to 13.000 Twitter followers in our main account. Totally in all four accounts there is close to 23,000 Twitter followers. When coming back, last Friday from a 6 days vacation, we used our Hummingbird software to unfollow some followers that didn’t follow us back and then followed a bunch of other new twitter users. When we logged in to Twitter again an hour later, our account was suspended for review. We had heard about things like that happening to other people but now it was our account that was suspended.

We had used Hummingbird but not aggressively, more like to avoid some tedious manual work so we decided to get in touch with the Twitter support guys and tried to explain our self and it helped. On last Monday the account was restored with all around 13,000 followers and we were happy. We understand that the Twitter support guys need to watch over us users and try to stop real misuse of the system, which actually is a benefit for all of us who uses Twitter. In a coming post we will try to discuss what is misuse of Twitter which they call aggressive follow and unfollow. We mention this in this post to make everyone aware of the risk involved in using automated tools and to make sure you carefully read the Twitter rules and follow them.

During the first10 days of this period, we added 2,080 new followers to our main account. The average per day is 208. During the 10 day period we where away 6 days on vacation (not working at the computer). We added though 244 followers, an average per day of around 40. During the other 4 days in this 10 day period we added 1,836 followers, an average of 459 per day. From this we can learn that the system, where we use Hummingbird (the auto follow and auto un-follow software), is very effective. We can now compare two periods, one when it was not used and one when it was used. It’s positive though that we added followers even when we did nothing at all.

The increase of followers is not only due to using this software and follow and un-follow other Twitter followers. It is very much depending on your tweets. In order to get people to follow you and stay as your followers, you must post tweets that are interesting. Your tweets can be interesting in many ways, and you must decide what way to take. We at forsgrens are people who like to communicate with other people and we also like a good laugh now and then. This means we have tried to keep our social tweets humorous and light. It’s also important to answer all public posts and be as helpful as possible. To answer direct messages is impossible when you are adding followers at the rate we are doing so we don’t even check them. We also try to have about 50% social posts and about 50% ad type posts. The ads must be relevant to your followers, which is something we need to work a little bit more on.

When we started our Twitter project in mid June we decided to increase the number of followers as fast as possible in order to be able to measure the parameters we are interested in as soon as possible. If you want to use your Twitter account to drive web traffic to your business, I think it’s much better to ad followers at a slower rate and concentrate more on the social tweets and be very careful with your ads. It’s the relation you can build with your followers that determine your business benefits.

Stay tuned for the next post about this project.

See you then.

Here is the link to post #4 about this project.



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Follow up on last post about Twitter as a marketing tool

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This is post #2 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen the former post, you can find it here:

Post #1:

Eleven days has elapsed since the last post and as you can see that we have added 3,349 new followers to our main Twitter account. Totally we have now some 19,000 followers in all our accounts.

It’s obvious that the Hummingbird software is effective. It hasn’t though been a straight journey to success even if we are really satisfied with the result so far. I think it was on Friday before Labor-day the Hummingbird software started to behave strangely. When checking things out, we found that Twitter had changed their page numbers to be randomly set, which affected Hummingbird and made it follow and un-follow only one page before it stopped. This is a set and forget tool so this coursed us major concern. It took a few days (you remember it was during the Labor-day weekend) before the problem was fixed and the software was working perfect again. We can understand that a piece of software like this is a real nightmare for the guys at Twitter and we also appreciate that they are doing everything they can to work against it. Anyway, the Hummingbird developers showed they still have things under control. This makes us feel a lot better to recommend it. We bought our Hummingbird in the middle of August and used it only about two weeks before the incident occurred and we have kept kind of a low profile when it comes to recommending it so far.

As you certainly understand it’s not only the software that is behind the rapid growth of our main account. When using it it’s very important to research the Twitter users to follow. It’s not enough that they have tons of followers they also need followers worthy of following. We use to find follower with a lot of followers and we spend some time to examine their tweets. If we like the tweets and think they are relevant with our area of interest then we decide to follow them and get a large number of their follower. This has shown to bee a successful strategy.

Below you can see what show about our account today.

Here is another part of the same page.

The stats show an increase of 418 followers from the day before and an average growth per day of 329 followers. The last figure is lower than it was 11 days ago but then you have to remember that there were several days during Labor-day weekend that it wasn’t possible to use Hummingbird due to the problem described above.

If you read our first post 11 days ago, you may remember that we also had a link to the Twitter Online System since it helped us to get started building our Twitter account. A few days after our post we noticed that the Twitter Online System link pointed to a landing page that was warning for unsafe content, so we quickly removed the link and stopped to use the system. We can’t see that stopping using Twitter Online System have had any impact on our stats.

In a week or so we will make the next post about this project and will then among other things talk about what to write in the tweets.

See you then!

Here is the link to post #3 about this project.





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Twitter, the perfect marketing tool

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We started to use twitter about half a year ago. At first we just tried to play around with it in order to figure out what it was all about. After reading a few reports about using twitter we realized that using it as a marketing tool was a good idea. For that purpose the no. 1 goal would be to get as many followers as possible in the shortest time possible. The more followers you have the more people there are to see your add messages.

In mid June we started to increase the number of people following us. First we used some free services, which was ok but we wanted to do it much faster. When we stumbled upon the Twitter Online System, following increased more rapidly.

We started to use it about two month ago and increased the no. of followers from a few hundreds to a bit over 4,000. Then we stumbled on Humminbird and decided to test it for some time.

Now we are talking about a couple of weeks ago and as you can se from the snapshot form below the following really started to take off. During the last 10 days we have added some 4.000 new followers. The two last days we have experimented using both of the above mentioned tools.

This is another part of the same page:

Here we can se that average grow per day is 474 followers and that is actually increasing every day so the figure: Added since yesterday only reflect something like 12 hours growth. predicts the number of followers to be close to 19,000 in another 30 days.

All this makes it possible for us to tweet a message with a link to one of our websites and almost immediately the stats for that site shows us that some 60 to 100 visitor has been at that site looking for what we have tweeted about. We hope that the traffic increase is linear to the increase of followers (it has been so far), then We will be able to double the our traffic from this in 30 days.

Its obvious that Humminbird is much more effective than Twitter Online System and if you have to choose between the to we strongly recommend Humminbird which you just now can get for a one time payment of US $97. To start using Twitter Online System there is a one time payment of US $37 and then US $10 monthly payments.

The twitter traffic does not convert as well as traffic you get from an email campaign sent to your prospect list, so recently we started to use this fantastic tool to convert our twitter followers into members in any one of our lists.

As you can see we haven’t posted to this blog for a while but from now on we will update it often telling you our progress of our twitter and list building project. If you found this post interesting just bookmark this blog so you can check in now and then to see the progress of our project. Notice tat there is a Contact us link as well in this blog so you can contact us if there is something you want to ask about.

You can find post no. 2 about this project here.

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