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What is the #1 MLM opportunity program?

This is the most common question I get from people new to Internet Marketing. I would like to answer that it’s not about the program, it’s about you. If you seriously learn MLM marketing you will do well in just any MLM program. If the one asking, is quite newto this, don’t have a domain name or a website, I use to recommend Global Domains International (GDI).

Why you may ask? GDI is the ideal start up MLM program. It’s a well established company, more than five years old. It provides you with exactly what you need when you are about to start up your new Internet Home business. You get your own domain name, a hosting for your web site where you can host up to ten pages. You also get ten email addresses on your domain that you have full control over, all for as little as US $10 a month. In addition you also get a business opportunity that can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for many years to come.

Today there are so many things affecting peoples life that give them a strong motivation to change there situation towards more economical freedom, better earnings and more time to spend with there families. Since the Internet Web started to attract people about ten to twelve years ago many millions of people have get used to use the web and they are right now in the situation that they want to change their lives and take advantage of all opportunities the web offers. Why couldn’t you benefit from that?

If you are one of those, the first thing you need to do is to find out if you have what it takes to establish yourself as a leader and start to build your own Internet home business. It isn’t as easy as they tell you when they want you to sign up, but it isn’t impossible either. I think as long as you know what it takes and you are prepared to seriously learn it and do what you have to do you should be very well on the way to your success.


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Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your MLM Opportunity Program


Let’s assume you are promoting Global Domains International (GDI) and you use their sales page. This is a page loaded with testimonials and other information the ordinary surfer has seen thousands of times. I know for sure that when I come across such a page I click away immediately as I believe most people do. I have tried this several years back and the result weren’t good. One out of 100 people stay and check such a page out. Then you must remember that at that time click through for such a page was higher than it is today.

You can look at it this way. You have actually made an effort to have your sales page displayed for 100 people. What did you get in return? One person who checked it out and clicked through, the other 99 displays was totally wasted because these visitors are gone and you don’t know who they are. This has to be improved in order to create your success. You can’t promote something that brings you a click through rate of less than 1%.

Today successful marketers are using a landing page (squeeze page) where they are bribing visitors with valuable and useful free gifts like free eBooks, free videos, free scripts or free audios. It also contains a form where they collect the visitors name and email address in return for the bribe. If you are smart you have set up your squeeze page so that the information from the opt-in goes straight in to your auto-responder account. Such a squeeze page, if designed correctly can have a conversion rate of 10% to 45% depending on the environment where it’s used. It’s around 10% if it’s used in a regular traffic exchange and up to 45% if used in a professional email campaign or if your squeeze page has some kind of a twist like a professional video or audio.

If you have done this the right way you now have some control since you know the name and email address of 10% to 45% of those who didn’t sign up for your GDI business. You have them in your prospect list and you can have your auto-responder sending out emails to them on a regular basis to convince them to sign up. If they don’t sign up and they stay on your prospect list (a lot of them do) you can sell them something else in the future. There will always be an opportunity where you can offer them something they really need.

If you set up all this in a smart way you will brand your name and yourself, create trust among your subscribers and that’s what it all boils down to in this business. People do business with the ones they know and trust.

This wasn’t as simple as you have been told, was it? As a matter of fact it has been more difficult to do business on the Internet lately. Even if it’s not as easy as you might have expected it’s still possible and doing it this way is the only way. There are no short cuts. If you want to find out what it really takes to do this and what kind of budget you will need to do it, stay tuned to this blog. In the next post I will tell you what it takes.

If you feel confident that you have an enough strong budget and feel that you want to go for this method, these links will take you to the tools to use in order to achieve success in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Go here for the best prospecting system available: Instant MLM Squeeze Pages

Go here for the best auto-responder available: Aweber

If you sign up using those links above you can always contact us if you have any problem and we will be here to help you. You can contact us by clicking the ”About” link at the top and then look for the link to contact us.


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Why Are You Promoting Your MLM Opportunity Program?


Is it because that’s what people did 10 to 15 years ago?

At that time everyone wanted to participate in an MLM Opportunity. There where very few available at that time and most people had not been burned yet. Today there are thousands of ”Get Rich Fast MLM Opportunity Programs” and most people have tried several of them and failed several times so no one is interested in your MLM program any more. That’s the real reason you shouldn’t promote it.

I’m not saying that these programs are bad. If you do your marketing right and help people to be successful in them, you can earn a quiet fortune from them and retire in a few years. I’m just saying that it’s worthless to promote something people are not looking for.

What are people looking for?

Today more people than ever are desperately looking for a plan B. A way to start an internet business they can operate from the comfort of their home. But most people aren’t experienced enough to do that by them selves. They are looking for a strong leader who can help and coach them in the process. They may know that an MLM Opportunity Program could very well be the foundation of their business but they also know from experience that it’s not the key to their success. The key is the strong leader who can help them to get all the different components of a successful Internet Business in place and who can then motivate them to role up their selves, work hard and make all sacrifices needed in order to succeed.

There are many success stories!

If you analyze some of the success stories out there, you will find that it started out with a strong leader who could make strong leaders and even teach others to make strong leaders. As a matter of fact, to be very successful, you need to brand yourselves as a strong leader and make everyone in your downline the kind of leader I described above. It’s not easy but it’s possible. One thing is for sure, you will not do it by promoting your MLM Opportunity Program.

If you have some time to invest in your future success I suggest that you check out this amazing video that will show you how to create financial freedom the right way. And it’s yours free courtesy of my friend James Grandstaff. You dont even have to opt in!

Go here!

In my next post to this blog I will give you more reasons not to promote your MLM Opportunity Program


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