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Twitter, the perfect marketing tool

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We started to use twitter about half a year ago. At first we just tried to play around with it in order to figure out what it was all about. After reading a few reports about using twitter we realized that using it as a marketing tool was a good idea. For that purpose the no. 1 goal would be to get as many followers as possible in the shortest time possible. The more followers you have the more people there are to see your add messages.

In mid June we started to increase the number of people following us. First we used some free services, which was ok but we wanted to do it much faster. When we stumbled upon the Twitter Online System, following increased more rapidly.

We started to use it about two month ago and increased the no. of followers from a few hundreds to a bit over 4,000. Then we stumbled on Humminbird and decided to test it for some time.

Now we are talking about a couple of weeks ago and as you can se from the snapshot form below the following really started to take off. During the last 10 days we have added some 4.000 new followers. The two last days we have experimented using both of the above mentioned tools.

This is another part of the same page:

Here we can se that average grow per day is 474 followers and that is actually increasing every day so the figure: Added since yesterday only reflect something like 12 hours growth. predicts the number of followers to be close to 19,000 in another 30 days.

All this makes it possible for us to tweet a message with a link to one of our websites and almost immediately the stats for that site shows us that some 60 to 100 visitor has been at that site looking for what we have tweeted about. We hope that the traffic increase is linear to the increase of followers (it has been so far), then We will be able to double the our traffic from this in 30 days.

Its obvious that Humminbird is much more effective than Twitter Online System and if you have to choose between the to we strongly recommend Humminbird which you just now can get for a one time payment of US $97. To start using Twitter Online System there is a one time payment of US $37 and then US $10 monthly payments.

The twitter traffic does not convert as well as traffic you get from an email campaign sent to your prospect list, so recently we started to use this fantastic tool to convert our twitter followers into members in any one of our lists.

As you can see we haven’t posted to this blog for a while but from now on we will update it often telling you our progress of our twitter and list building project. If you found this post interesting just bookmark this blog so you can check in now and then to see the progress of our project. Notice tat there is a Contact us link as well in this blog so you can contact us if there is something you want to ask about.

You can find post no. 2 about this project here.

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