Follow up on last post about Twitter as a marketing tool

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Follow up on last post about Twitter as a marketing tool

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This is post #2 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen the former post, you can find it here:

Post #1:

Eleven days has elapsed since the last post and as you can see that we have added 3,349 new followers to our main Twitter account. Totally we have now some 19,000 followers in all our accounts.

It’s obvious that the Hummingbird software is effective. It hasn’t though been a straight journey to success even if we are really satisfied with the result so far. I think it was on Friday before Labor-day the Hummingbird software started to behave strangely. When checking things out, we found that Twitter had changed their page numbers to be randomly set, which affected Hummingbird and made it follow and un-follow only one page before it stopped. This is a set and forget tool so this coursed us major concern. It took a few days (you remember it was during the Labor-day weekend) before the problem was fixed and the software was working perfect again. We can understand that a piece of software like this is a real nightmare for the guys at Twitter and we also appreciate that they are doing everything they can to work against it. Anyway, the Hummingbird developers showed they still have things under control. This makes us feel a lot better to recommend it. We bought our Hummingbird in the middle of August and used it only about two weeks before the incident occurred and we have kept kind of a low profile when it comes to recommending it so far.

As you certainly understand it’s not only the software that is behind the rapid growth of our main account. When using it it’s very important to research the Twitter users to follow. It’s not enough that they have tons of followers they also need followers worthy of following. We use to find follower with a lot of followers and we spend some time to examine their tweets. If we like the tweets and think they are relevant with our area of interest then we decide to follow them and get a large number of their follower. This has shown to bee a successful strategy.

Below you can see what show about our account today.

Here is another part of the same page.

The stats show an increase of 418 followers from the day before and an average growth per day of 329 followers. The last figure is lower than it was 11 days ago but then you have to remember that there were several days during Labor-day weekend that it wasn’t possible to use Hummingbird due to the problem described above.

If you read our first post 11 days ago, you may remember that we also had a link to the Twitter Online System since it helped us to get started building our Twitter account. A few days after our post we noticed that the Twitter Online System link pointed to a landing page that was warning for unsafe content, so we quickly removed the link and stopped to use the system. We can’t see that stopping using Twitter Online System have had any impact on our stats.

In a week or so we will make the next post about this project and will then among other things talk about what to write in the tweets.

See you then!

Here is the link to post #3 about this project.





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