We continue to follow up on our Twitter project

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We continue to follow up on our Twitter project

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This is post #3 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

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This is post no. 3 about our Twitter and list building project.15 days since our last post. The figures presented below are five days old. An interesting thing is that we have been away 6 days from our computer during this period. There is very close to 13.000 Twitter followers in our main account. Totally in all four accounts there is close to 23,000 Twitter followers. When coming back, last Friday from a 6 days vacation, we used our Hummingbird software to unfollow some followers that didn’t follow us back and then followed a bunch of other new twitter users. When we logged in to Twitter again an hour later, our account was suspended for review. We had heard about things like that happening to other people but now it was our account that was suspended.

We had used Hummingbird but not aggressively, more like to avoid some tedious manual work so we decided to get in touch with the Twitter support guys and tried to explain our self and it helped. On last Monday the account was restored with all around 13,000 followers and we were happy. We understand that the Twitter support guys need to watch over us users and try to stop real misuse of the system, which actually is a benefit for all of us who uses Twitter. In a coming post we will try to discuss what is misuse of Twitter which they call aggressive follow and unfollow. We mention this in this post to make everyone aware of the risk involved in using automated tools and to make sure you carefully read the Twitter rules and follow them.

During the first10 days of this period, we added 2,080 new followers to our main account. The average per day is 208. During the 10 day period we where away 6 days on vacation (not working at the computer). We added though 244 followers, an average per day of around 40. During the other 4 days in this 10 day period we added 1,836 followers, an average of 459 per day. From this we can learn that the system, where we use Hummingbird (the auto follow and auto un-follow software), is very effective. We can now compare two periods, one when it was not used and one when it was used. It’s positive though that we added followers even when we did nothing at all.

The increase of followers is not only due to using this software and follow and un-follow other Twitter followers. It is very much depending on your tweets. In order to get people to follow you and stay as your followers, you must post tweets that are interesting. Your tweets can be interesting in many ways, and you must decide what way to take. We at forsgrens are people who like to communicate with other people and we also like a good laugh now and then. This means we have tried to keep our social tweets humorous and light. It’s also important to answer all public posts and be as helpful as possible. To answer direct messages is impossible when you are adding followers at the rate we are doing so we don’t even check them. We also try to have about 50% social posts and about 50% ad type posts. The ads must be relevant to your followers, which is something we need to work a little bit more on.

When we started our Twitter project in mid June we decided to increase the number of followers as fast as possible in order to be able to measure the parameters we are interested in as soon as possible. If you want to use your Twitter account to drive web traffic to your business, I think it’s much better to ad followers at a slower rate and concentrate more on the social tweets and be very careful with your ads. It’s the relation you can build with your followers that determine your business benefits.

Stay tuned for the next post about this project.

See you then.

Here is the link to post #4 about this project.



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