Almost four month into our Twitter project

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Almost four month into our Twitter project

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This is post #5 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

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When we started this project, we wanted to see if we could build a huge twitter profile with tens of thousands followers in a relatively short period of time on autopilot.

The image above shows us that during the first period until the beginning of September, everything went according to the plans. We can se a significant increase in followers taking place in the middle of August when we started to use Hummingbird, very smart software that can help follow and un-follow large amounts of Twitter followers automatically. It worked fine until we got our main account suspended. We had obviously used our Hummingbird software too effectively. We luckily managed to get on speaking terms with the Twitter support guys and got our main account restored and could continue our project. The post before this one, explains how we changed our use of Hummingbird in order to stay under the radar and avoid getting our main account suspended again. This new strategy aims to, as much as possible, simulate what you can do manually without an automated software. It’s not a set and forgets strategy any longer, but still a lot easier and more effective than doing it manually.

It is possible to ad followers faster than we have done during the period from the beginning of September until now. There are mainly two reasons the increase has been unnecessary slow.

1. The Hummingbird development team released a beta test variant of Hummingbird II and in connection to that they changed both releases and recommended the users to try the beta test version. We did for a while, and found that it will probably be a fantastic tool if they manage to get everything in place and working well. Right now though, we found that it is far from ready to use so we decided to change back to Hummingbird I. We found that it wasn’t updated for some time and found that we couldn’t update it as usual. We needed to spend a lot of time in the Hummingbird forum (not around any longer) and read a lot of crap before we found out that we needed to go to a special website to reinstall Hummingbird I. Now it works better than ever and we will continue to use it according to the new strategy and we expect to increase our Twitter followers faster again.

2. We have seen that from time to time large numbers of Twitter followers disappear from our accounts. First we thought that people simply un-followed and we tried to find out what we made wrong. Then, when we spent a lot of time in the Twitter forums (not around any longer), we found out that the Twitter team from time to time runs campaigns during which they suspend thousands of Twitter accounts due to different ways of misuse. We probably had twitter spammers among our followers and friends and they disappeared when their accounts where suspended.

Today we have 15,635 followers I our main Twitter account. In this project we are building four accounts and right now the total number of followers in all four accounts is a little bit over 31,000.

We have now talked about building an account by following large number of targeted followers and hope that they will follow back. The most important aspect of building is the way you tweet with your followers and friends. Post #2 in this series covers our initial strategy for tweeting and we are constantly thinking about how to improve it even more. Until recently most of the tweets was done on auto pilot. We used a service called Twit Robot, which allowed you to put some hundred tweets in your private twitter data base and Twit Robot randomly picked tweets from your data base and posted them in your time line at a rate you had selected. One could select rates from every minute to once a day. This was a terrific service. Recently this service stopped and when we tried to log in the URL was redirected to something called “Army of Followers” (not around any longer). We tried it and found it very basic. If you are new to Twitter and want to find out the basics of using it, these videos and e-books can be of value. They also had some odd and funny tools we will cover in our next post about our Twitter project.

The next post in this series is here: post #6.


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