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We now have a lot of experience

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This is post #7 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven't seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

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We made the first post about the Twitter project at the end of august 09 so it’s almost four months of experience we can put to use in this and coming posts. This is post # seven and if you have missed some of the six first, there are links to them above. Unless you want to learn from all the mistakes we have done on the way, you can start here because now we will try to give good advice based on what we have learned during this project.

We made four Twitter profiles (Twitter accounts) and the main account has now around 22,700 followers. The other three profiles have together about 20,000 followers. When we started this project we thought that the more followers the better it is for marketing. In hindsight this is not so obvious any longer. You need a certain number of followers to make people trust and listen to you, but that is the only reason for many followers.

When you tweet about something you get more attention and more clicks on your link the more followers you have, but we have found that such attention and clicks are not targeted enough to give you the conversion (convert prospects to customers) that you are looking for. This type of marketing has a conversion rate of 0.01% to 0.10%. Fortunately Twitter can offer you a much better way to market your product or service. You use Twitters advanced search and search on an exact phrase like “I need money”. You will then see all tweets containing that phrase and you can send them your post. It is important that it's a reply and not a direct message. People rarely pay any attention to the direct messages but they are very interested in the replies. This method has a very high conversion rate since it is much targeted. It's a little tricky to find out the best phrases but if you can rely on your imagination and practice for some time you will find this very effective.

What happens when you use this method is that the person you send your tweet to, sees your solution and they start to evaluate you, and if you have a nice profile, a descent number of followers and look trustworthy your change of success is very high. You don’t need many thousands of followers to be successful with this and it's much easier to be social, friendly and responsive if you have around 5,000 followers than if you have over 10,000. A number around 5,000 looks trustworthy enough.

It’s a lot more hard work using this method than just sending out tweets to many thousands of followers but we think it's better to work hard and get good results than do less and get very poor results. As a matter of fact it is possible to automate this method as well but I will come back to that in a later post.

What is a nice profile then you may ask? Pot some work into it and select a Twitter background of your own. It doesn’t look professional if you are just using the same as all the other Twitter users do. Have a nice picture on your profile a picture of you with your very best smile is very good; it shows that you are a nice person. A nice person is more trustworthy than a not so nice person, right? It's very important that your tweets are interesting and stand out in a way. That makes people remember you and even look out for your tweets. I like humor and decided that short humorous quotes would be something that other users would like and I think that it has been very effective. When other users mention or re-tweet you always respond with a reply where you say something like “I just visited your great blog/home page” and include the URL to their blog/home page in your reply. As you can see it's about being friendly and helpful you win the trust of your followers.

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