A piece of paper ripped off from a newspaper

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A piece of paper ripped off from a newspaper

Do your send your invitations on a piece of paper ripped off from a newspaper? I suppose not. Why ask such a question, you may think. This struck me several times when I was searching about people who are looking for web hosting on Twitter. Many of them wanted to know where to find free web hosting.

To use free web hosting is like sending out invitations on a piece of paper ripped off from a newspaper.

If you only want to set up a very basic web site, no advanced scripts, just a basic site, there are only one company you should consider, Global Domain International (GDI).

They have been on the Internet for more than 10 years and they give you a lot for measly $10 a month.
• A domain name.
• A hosting account where you can host ten web pages under your host name.
• Ten email addresses that you fully control based on your domain.

You also get a very good business opportunity with a very generous payment plan. Every month you get one dollar from each active subscriber you recruit five generations deep. If you become a very good recruiter, and you keep your account in good standing, you get a $100 bonus on each five subscribers you bring in each week.

Even if you don’t recruit a single subscriber I think the cost of $10 a month is a very good deal. Why? GDI are a stable company with a very good reputation. They have a very responsive and friendly customer support. The most important thing is that they know business and offering a system devoted to business.

Recently they added a premium membership for $40 a month in addition to the general membership. It gives you possibility to increase your earnings dramatically and they also send you people who signed up for a test drive. A couple of weeks ago I got five new prospects through gditraffic. One of them signed up as a premium member.

I have used around ten web hosts during my years on Internet and I know that if you run into a web host that concentrate only on hosting you run into problems. A good web host must understand business.

The only low budget alternative for a web host I can think of is GDI. You will find them here.


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