How to easily get you a second pay check

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How to easily get you a second pay check

You are here reading this because you want to use the net to get you a second pay check right? To have success in that requires that people think that you have something to say which can be beneficial for them; in other words you must be an authority. You also need to expose yourself to a lot of people so they can be aware of you as an authority and want to find out what you have to say.

Earlier it was a very long and complicated process to become an authority but now with the help of social media it can be done quite easily in a couple of month if you know how to do it.

You should use Facebook and Twitter for this purpose.

Facebook is the most powerful platform that will give you the tools you need to create tons of free targeted web traffic to a website or blog of yours. You must quickly get hundreds or thousands of Facebook friends interested in the niche you are going to operate in. This means that you have to approach people you don’t know and ask them to be your friends so that you can know them better. That is considered spam in the Facebook community. Here is where Twitter comes in handy.

Twitter is a very easy and friendly community where you can get your followers very easy. You just find someone who is an authority in your niche of interest and follow as many of his/her followers as you can. About 40% will follow you back automatically. There is a free program that takes care of that. If you have signed up with this free program you can automatically send a direct message (DM) to every one who follows you with an invitation to be your Facebook friend along with a link for that purpose. My experience so far is that about 10% will use your link to request your friendship. The metrics tell us that if you follow 100 Twitter users this way (takes about 10 minutes) it will result in 4 Facebook friends.

Today I am a Twitter authority with 40,000+ followers but unfortunately it’s quite recently I found out that building a Twitter Profile should be combined with building Facebook friendships. Otherwise I would have some 4,000 Facebook friends today. They have a maximum limit of 5,000 friends. I will continue to build and it won’t take long until you will see me as a Facebook authority as well.

When you are an authority in Twitter and as well in Facebook, the market is wide open to you and you can start to cash in those second pay checks you always dreamed about. Keep your eyes open for the articles about how to use the power you have achieved as a Facebook authority; they will be published soon here.

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