Is It Okay To Change Point Of View?

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Is It Okay To Change Point Of View?


We haven’t updated this blog as we should in a years time so in order to make up for that we will move some of the treads on our main blog over to this one. The first one we will move over here is about that later changed to

This website showed up on the net albout one year ago. They acted in a way that one thought it was a bank trying to open up a payment processing service to compete with PayPal, Flagship Merchant Service, Intuit Merchant Services and many other big payment processing services. After a while we realized that it wasn’t a big bank behind, it was something else and we thought it was a scam.

This are the blog posts on that subject so far on our main blog:

If you followed tis thread you noticed how we got from interest to disappointment. In the last post we could see some interesting development of the site but we where still negative. We are still disturbed by the selection of Clickbank products they use in their affiliate marketing project they call Ad Sharing, this video explains . Maybe its okay though, they have selected the most popular ones the problem is that the most popular ones is mostly crap that you want to stay away from.

Apart from this, a lot of interesting things has happened over at Virtapay recently. It looks like they are earning a lot of money on the Ad Sharing project and we think that this is kind of a guarantee that they don’t do some nasty stuff, which would certainly put an end to all of it. They now claim they have 150,000 members which could very well be the case. Early this spring they had 100,000 members but we think recruiting almost stopped after the buzz about scam. We have seen a lot of promotions for them lately so they are maybe moving again.

Last spring when we realized that they where not what we thought, we decided though to stay as a member, but not promoting, in order to keep our account active, we log in now and then to read their blog and see where they are going. This activity has during some ten month made us a balance of 8,800 virtual dollars. They are at the moment almost worthless but if you log in and read their four or five latest blog posts, you will see that they are planing things that can add some value to the quite substantial virtual dollar balances people have created free just by logging in and checked their blog a couple of times a week.

They will take measures so that you also can use virtual dollars outside VirtaPay. They can be used in online games for instance. And we are sure when they make this possible there are people that come up with really creative ideas. Very recently they added a premium membership. Everyone that joined their Ad Sharing program automatically become premium members. Although we didn’t want to participate int the Ad Sharing program we joined just to be able to get all the new information. We are really curious. We found a cheap Clickbank product we purchased with the VirtaPay affiliate link, thats all. Luckily these popular products are priced very low to attract buyers and then when you purchased the initial one there is an up-sell with the real thing. To qualify you only need to purchase the initial one. Remember that if you at first try to leave the sales page there often is a $10 discount offered so you can do this really cheap if you want.

The most interesting project on the way is the API, Application Programmer Interface, which makes it possible to integrate VirtaPay in your site, blog or even Facebook fan page. Yo can give people 50 to 100 virtual dollars to like your fan page for instance. They will also soon allow exchange services so that you easily can change your VirtaPay dollars to US$ or any other currency you like.

I think its time to start looking more closely at VirtaPay. Allthe new projects they mention in a video and on their blog makes it interesting. Wouldn’t you like to have a lot of their 150,000 and increasing members in your list? Its possible if you start working on it now. Just by sign up FREE you can learn more.



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