I’m sold!

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I’m sold!


We where very optimistic when it started.
First it was a fantastic opportunity, a big bank entering the payment processor market. It was totally FREE to join and you where rewarded generously with their virtual dollars just for logging in and performing some simple tasks like voting on different things.

Then we hesitated for a while.
Then it was obvious that it wasn’t at big bank behind, and people started to speculate. How could they let you build such huge $1,000 balances totally FREE in a short period of time. Even if we are talking virtual dollars, it sound huge. It just have to be a scam. There was a lot of speculations around that for a long time. But they survived and kept going for almost a year.

Out of pure curiosity, we hanged on.
During that time many have speculated about their real purpose with the operation. We have seen them starting pathetic trade where the users can buy stupid things for their virtual dollars. Those who have been with them during this last year should have a balance of nearly 10,000 virtual dollars. No one knows the value of the VP $, but people seems to hold on to them and they log in regularly to earn more.

We blogged a lot about this.
If you read our last post before this in this blog, you know that interesting things are going on. Last Wednesday we learned that their API, Application Programmers Interface, will launch as soon as the beginning of December, in a few weeks that is. I’m really looking forward to that launch because there are some very interesting aspects on this.

It start to be interesting, really cool.
We suppose that you by now have figured out that it is VirtaPay we talk about and they should by now have around 200,000 users and we would expect it to increase quite fast. Many of those users try to build huge virtual dollar balances they can hold on to in case the virtual dollars get some kind of value in the future. So they are eager to get more quickly. VP launches an API that makes it possible for you install smart VP $ solutions on your web sites,blogs or fan pages. Tell me if that isn’t cool!

Now its really hot!!!
One possible application of this is the following: Assume you have a balance of VP $10,000 and you on your Facebook fan page offers people VP $100 if they like your fan page and join VP free using your link. You can have an alternative for those who already are members, they can earn VP $100 if they like your fan page and tell a friend about your fan page. Your balance of VP $ 10,000 would last for 100 such transactions. They should take some time and during this time you should be able to earn another VP $10,000. You can earn up to VP $ 100 a day just for logging in and using their services often and you earn VP $25 for each new free member you recruit. This would be a very effective ongoing viral lead capturing system, because you can pay them using their email address.

Why don’t check out this yourself if you haven’t yet.
If you are just a little innovative yourself, you can figure out maybe ten or twenty other great applications like the one above and VP could be a real hot place where a lot of people can build their business totally free. We really don’t know VP’s purpose with their business, but they have on their blog, that you can get access to if you join free here, stated several times that they aim at a couple of million users and that will take at least one year from now. Therefor you can expect to have tis service available a year or so.

This is something We believe you want to keep an eye on. It’s totally free to join so take action now.

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