Another Top MLM Opportunity Program

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Another Top MLM Opportunity Program

In order to be included in this category, a program must have many features motivating people to jump on board. With this one you can both save money and earn money at the same time which is something that should be very motivating these days. I am talking about the DHS Club. I didn’t know how good this program really was when I joined a couple of years ago. There are two roles you can play in this program. You can be a Shopper and save money or cash backs every time you purchase something through them on the net. If you for instance plan to buy a new PC from DELL this can be a substantial amount of $$$. The DHS Club has deals with most of the companies you can buy from and we are talking about everything from discounts, cash back and reward points. You can also be an Associate Member and refer other Associate Members and Shoppers and you can earn on purchases made by people in your network organization. The Shopper and Associate Member are both free memberships.

The Online Shopping Mall stores include Target, Spiegel, Upper Deck, Rooms To Go, Gap, Old Navy, Macys, Best Buy, Omaha Steaks, Office Depot, Expedia, Home Shopping Network, Sears, Brylane Home, Chadwicks of Boston, eBay, Coldwater Creek, Staples, Eddie Bauer Outlet, Dominos Pizza, Office Max, Dell Computers, Amazon, Home Depot and many more. The amounts you spend with these stores determine the amount you can save every month. Looking at the list of stores I assume that there are some dollars to save.

You can also take the step up to a paid (VIP) member which means that you can recruit Shoppers Associate Members and other VIP members and build a little business to run in your spare time. You earn a commission every time you recruit another VIP and you will also earn on purchases made by people (Associate Members and Shoppers) in your network organization. I know about people who are living a good life doing this full time.

When you start as a free Associate Member, the VIP’s above you start to build a network for you. When I joined I had a network of more than hundred people and even a VIP in it before I upgraded to VIP my self. Then in order to cover the monthly cost of the VIP membership you will need a line built by yourself with at least one VIP. This is the difficult part, but not so difficult if you have a good prospecting system like I have. Click here to see what it looks like!

DHS Club has a comprehensive training program that will make you available for more important roles within the organization and make it even more profitable for you. If you are serious about learning this business and can stay focused on it and really do what’s needed to do you can soon quit your 9 to 5 work and stay home building a life style with a lot more time for your self and your family.


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