Have you failed in MLM? Then this is for you!

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Have you failed in MLM? Then this is for you!

The question is, can you be at the top of a MLM Opportunity earning matrix?

Yes you can, this is something you must check out. I ‘m glad I did!

Someone new to MLM Opportunity programs aren’t very good at recruiting so they may join and try just to see what happens. Since they aren’t good recruiters, they end up at the bottom of the income matrix, there are no earnings, and they quit after a while when they can’t recruit any one. They didn’t try hard and they weren’t successful.

To try hard and be successful, you must be inspired and motivated. You must see the light at the end of the tunnel. Grant Andrews, an experienced Internet marketer realized this and implemented the pulsating matrix as a sales tool for his new product Message Magic.

This program is different!

Message Magic is an intelligent software product helping you to use Skype as an effective promotional tool. It comes with a very god step by step guide and videos which teaches you how to connect with leads and build a prospect list with Skype. It’s a membership site and when you join you get access to the software and tutorials and you can use them as long as you stay as a member.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Grant doesn’t just want to sell memberships. He wants his members to stay and use his tools for a long time so he created an MLM Opportunity program where everyone will earn and when they do, they get inspired and motivated, try harder and get their success. Have you heard about a successful member that quit?

The trick is the pulsating matrix which is rebuilt every five days and will put you at the top of the matrix now and then. After every rebuild there is a pay out. During the time you are at the top of the matrix you earn commission from the members below you who pay their monthly license fees during that period. This guaranties earnings to everyone.

Talking about pay out!

The monthly license fee is US $ 15. Of that Grant pays back US $ 14 in commissions. It’s a 93% payback. Where else do you find something that can beat this? Remember everyone gets a share. I think this is the best MLM opportunity of the year!

Grant describes his brilliant product and the ingenious pulsating matrix very well on the home page and there is an audio, a radio interview with him, that explains it even more, make sure you listen to it. Go and check it out by clicking the pulsating image or the link below.

Message Magic – The new innovative list building program!

Yes it’s a fantastic MLM Opportunity offer but don’t forget about the product you get. When most of your email campaigns get stuck n the spam filters and you don’t know how to get your word out, Grants Intelligent software teaching you how to use Skype to reach out an get tons of leads to your business is a must have to create your success.

I planed this post to be a product review of Message Magic. But you may now say that this is not a review it’s a sales pitch. You can clearly see the dilemma of writing a product review of such an excellent product.

The video below explains the smart payment system within Message Magic.

Message Magic – The new innovative list building program!


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