Hi, my name is Olov Forsgren. I am the Web master and owner of the Forsgrens web sites. I have been learning Internet Marketing for about four years now. During the last two years the steps I have taken in this profession have brought me some results, some times even great results, and I have a strong feeling that I am just about to achieve the success I have been working so long time for.

I decided to retire in 2003 from my profession as an independent consultant in systems development for the telecoms industry. During my active time, computers, programming and Internet was not only my profession, it was also my hobby. As a retired I thought that Internet Marketing could be something interesting to learn. It really was! It had more aspects to it than I ever could imagine. Another thing I got to know at retirement was that it wasn’t so easy to get rid of all the former assignments as I thought. Some of them has been following me until now. This has in a way slowed down my progress as an Internet Marketer.

In this blog you will read about the key issues I have found essential in order to achieve success as an Internet Marketer.

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