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We continue to follow up on our Twitter project

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This is post #3 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen some of the former posts, you can find them here:

Post #1:     Post #2:

This is post no. 3 about our Twitter and list building project.15 days since our last post. The figures presented below are five days old. An interesting thing is that we have been away 6 days from our computer during this period. There is very close to 13.000 Twitter followers in our main account. Totally in all four accounts there is close to 23,000 Twitter followers. When coming back, last Friday from a 6 days vacation, we used our Hummingbird software to unfollow some followers that didn’t follow us back and then followed a bunch of other new twitter users. When we logged in to Twitter again an hour later, our account was suspended for review. We had heard about things like that happening to other people but now it was our account that was suspended.

We had used Hummingbird but not aggressively, more like to avoid some tedious manual work so we decided to get in touch with the Twitter support guys and tried to explain our self and it helped. On last Monday the account was restored with all around 13,000 followers and we were happy. We understand that the Twitter support guys need to watch over us users and try to stop real misuse of the system, which actually is a benefit for all of us who uses Twitter. In a coming post we will try to discuss what is misuse of Twitter which they call aggressive follow and unfollow. We mention this in this post to make everyone aware of the risk involved in using automated tools and to make sure you carefully read the Twitter rules and follow them.

During the first10 days of this period, we added 2,080 new followers to our main account. The average per day is 208. During the 10 day period we where away 6 days on vacation (not working at the computer). We added though 244 followers, an average per day of around 40. During the other 4 days in this 10 day period we added 1,836 followers, an average of 459 per day. From this we can learn that the system, where we use Hummingbird (the auto follow and auto un-follow software), is very effective. We can now compare two periods, one when it was not used and one when it was used. It’s positive though that we added followers even when we did nothing at all.

The increase of followers is not only due to using this software and follow and un-follow other Twitter followers. It is very much depending on your tweets. In order to get people to follow you and stay as your followers, you must post tweets that are interesting. Your tweets can be interesting in many ways, and you must decide what way to take. We at forsgrens are people who like to communicate with other people and we also like a good laugh now and then. This means we have tried to keep our social tweets humorous and light. It’s also important to answer all public posts and be as helpful as possible. To answer direct messages is impossible when you are adding followers at the rate we are doing so we don’t even check them. We also try to have about 50% social posts and about 50% ad type posts. The ads must be relevant to your followers, which is something we need to work a little bit more on.

When we started our Twitter project in mid June we decided to increase the number of followers as fast as possible in order to be able to measure the parameters we are interested in as soon as possible. If you want to use your Twitter account to drive web traffic to your business, I think it’s much better to ad followers at a slower rate and concentrate more on the social tweets and be very careful with your ads. It’s the relation you can build with your followers that determine your business benefits.

Stay tuned for the next post about this project.

See you then.

Here is the link to post #4 about this project.



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Follow up on last post about Twitter as a marketing tool

Category : Twitter

This is post #2 in our series about our Twitter project. If you haven’t seen the former post, you can find it here:

Post #1:

Eleven days has elapsed since the last post and as you can see that we have added 3,349 new followers to our main Twitter account. Totally we have now some 19,000 followers in all our accounts.

It’s obvious that the Hummingbird software is effective. It hasn’t though been a straight journey to success even if we are really satisfied with the result so far. I think it was on Friday before Labor-day the Hummingbird software started to behave strangely. When checking things out, we found that Twitter had changed their page numbers to be randomly set, which affected Hummingbird and made it follow and un-follow only one page before it stopped. This is a set and forget tool so this coursed us major concern. It took a few days (you remember it was during the Labor-day weekend) before the problem was fixed and the software was working perfect again. We can understand that a piece of software like this is a real nightmare for the guys at Twitter and we also appreciate that they are doing everything they can to work against it. Anyway, the Hummingbird developers showed they still have things under control. This makes us feel a lot better to recommend it. We bought our Hummingbird in the middle of August and used it only about two weeks before the incident occurred and we have kept kind of a low profile when it comes to recommending it so far.

As you certainly understand it’s not only the software that is behind the rapid growth of our main account. When using it it’s very important to research the Twitter users to follow. It’s not enough that they have tons of followers they also need followers worthy of following. We use to find follower with a lot of followers and we spend some time to examine their tweets. If we like the tweets and think they are relevant with our area of interest then we decide to follow them and get a large number of their follower. This has shown to bee a successful strategy.

Below you can see what twittercounter.com show about our account today.

Here is another part of the same twittercounter.com page.

The twittercounter.com stats show an increase of 418 followers from the day before and an average growth per day of 329 followers. The last figure is lower than it was 11 days ago but then you have to remember that there were several days during Labor-day weekend that it wasn’t possible to use Hummingbird due to the problem described above.

If you read our first post 11 days ago, you may remember that we also had a link to the Twitter Online System since it helped us to get started building our Twitter account. A few days after our post we noticed that the Twitter Online System link pointed to a landing page that was warning for unsafe content, so we quickly removed the link and stopped to use the system. We can’t see that stopping using Twitter Online System have had any impact on our stats.

In a week or so we will make the next post about this project and will then among other things talk about what to write in the tweets.

See you then!

Here is the link to post #3 about this project.





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Twitter, the perfect marketing tool

Category : Twitter

We started to use twitter about half a year ago. At first we just tried to play around with it in order to figure out what it was all about. After reading a few reports about using twitter we realized that using it as a marketing tool was a good idea. For that purpose the no. 1 goal would be to get as many followers as possible in the shortest time possible. The more followers you have the more people there are to see your add messages.

In mid June we started to increase the number of people following us. First we used some free services, which was ok but we wanted to do it much faster. When we stumbled upon the Twitter Online System, following increased more rapidly.

We started to use it about two month ago and increased the no. of followers from a few hundreds to a bit over 4,000. Then we stumbled on Humminbird and decided to test it for some time.

Now we are talking about a couple of weeks ago and as you can se from the snapshot form twittercounter.com below the following really started to take off. During the last 10 days we have added some 4.000 new followers. The two last days we have experimented using both of the above mentioned tools.

This is another part of the same twittercounter.com page:

Here we can se that average grow per day is 474 followers and that is actually increasing every day so the figure: Added since yesterday only reflect something like 12 hours growth. Twittercounter.com predicts the number of followers to be close to 19,000 in another 30 days.

All this makes it possible for us to tweet a message with a link to one of our websites and almost immediately the stats for that site shows us that some 60 to 100 visitor has been at that site looking for what we have tweeted about. We hope that the traffic increase is linear to the increase of followers (it has been so far), then We will be able to double the our traffic from this in 30 days.

Its obvious that Humminbird is much more effective than Twitter Online System and if you have to choose between the to we strongly recommend Humminbird which you just now can get for a one time payment of US $97. To start using Twitter Online System there is a one time payment of US $37 and then US $10 monthly payments.

The twitter traffic does not convert as well as traffic you get from an email campaign sent to your prospect list, so recently we started to use this fantastic tool to convert our twitter followers into members in any one of our lists.

As you can see we haven’t posted to this blog for a while but from now on we will update it often telling you our progress of our twitter and list building project. If you found this post interesting just bookmark this blog so you can check in now and then to see the progress of our project. Notice tat there is a Contact us link as well in this blog so you can contact us if there is something you want to ask about.

You can find post no. 2 about this project here.

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Start To Work on Your Plan B!

In tough economic times like the one we are facing right now, you can either accept to be a victim of the situation or you can take control over your situation and be a leader.

To be in control of your economic situation means that what ever happens you will continue to earn money and you will even have the opportunity to earn big money.

Every one not in control need to find out what options they have and start to work on their plan B.

Most people are aware of the fact that one can make a lot of money in different ways on the Web. Thousands have managed to do it and still they represent only about 3 to 4 % of all the people which have tried. There are many thousands out there who haven’t yet figured out how to make it. And now when the economic situation get worse millions more feel insecure and start to investigate the opportunities on the net.

They could not have found a better time to do it; I’m talking about David D’Arcangelo and his colleagues who are just launching Web Prosperity, the most powerful, income-generating Internet Business opportunity anyone has ever seen in the history of this industry!

I usually don’t take notice about all the launches of new MLM opportunities that comes more and more often. I wonder how they can fill all of them with members. The reason why I am reluctant to join new opportunities is that in order to seriously build your downline in them to some decent numbers you can only work with a few. I am already in two of the best, GDI and DHS Club. They have been very good to me.

One thing about Web Prosperity though, made me very interested. Everything I could find out about it early in the pre-launch period indicated that this should be a real killer. The other significant matter was that I was approached by Ewen Chia, the # 1 affiliate in this industry with an invitation to sign up direct under him with his affiliate link. I realised that the heavy hitters would produce tremendous spill-over in this opportunity and specially Ewen. So I made an exception and signed up.

With over 100,000 signups in the Pre-Launch phase, this is guaranteed to be the biggest and best launch in the Internet Marketing history. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this. Some of these 100,000 signups will not pay their subscription so there are still very attractive positions to grab.

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Have you failed in MLM? Then this is for you!

The question is, can you be at the top of a MLM Opportunity earning matrix?

Yes you can, this is something you must check out. I ‘m glad I did!

Someone new to MLM Opportunity programs aren’t very good at recruiting so they may join and try just to see what happens. Since they aren’t good recruiters, they end up at the bottom of the income matrix, there are no earnings, and they quit after a while when they can’t recruit any one. They didn’t try hard and they weren’t successful.

To try hard and be successful, you must be inspired and motivated. You must see the light at the end of the tunnel. Grant Andrews, an experienced Internet marketer realized this and implemented the pulsating matrix as a sales tool for his new product Message Magic.

This program is different!

Message Magic is an intelligent software product helping you to use Skype as an effective promotional tool. It comes with a very god step by step guide and videos which teaches you how to connect with leads and build a prospect list with Skype. It’s a membership site and when you join you get access to the software and tutorials and you can use them as long as you stay as a member.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Grant doesn’t just want to sell memberships. He wants his members to stay and use his tools for a long time so he created an MLM Opportunity program where everyone will earn and when they do, they get inspired and motivated, try harder and get their success. Have you heard about a successful member that quit?

The trick is the pulsating matrix which is rebuilt every five days and will put you at the top of the matrix now and then. After every rebuild there is a pay out. During the time you are at the top of the matrix you earn commission from the members below you who pay their monthly license fees during that period. This guaranties earnings to everyone.

Talking about pay out!

The monthly license fee is US $ 15. Of that Grant pays back US $ 14 in commissions. It’s a 93% payback. Where else do you find something that can beat this? Remember everyone gets a share. I think this is the best MLM opportunity of the year!

Grant describes his brilliant product and the ingenious pulsating matrix very well on the home page and there is an audio, a radio interview with him, that explains it even more, make sure you listen to it. Go and check it out by clicking the pulsating image or the link below.

Message Magic – The new innovative list building program!

Yes it’s a fantastic MLM Opportunity offer but don’t forget about the product you get. When most of your email campaigns get stuck n the spam filters and you don’t know how to get your word out, Grants Intelligent software teaching you how to use Skype to reach out an get tons of leads to your business is a must have to create your success.

I planed this post to be a product review of Message Magic. But you may now say that this is not a review it’s a sales pitch. You can clearly see the dilemma of writing a product review of such an excellent product.

The video below explains the smart payment system within Message Magic.

Message Magic – The new innovative list building program!


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Another Top MLM Opportunity Program

In order to be included in this category, a program must have many features motivating people to jump on board. With this one you can both save money and earn money at the same time which is something that should be very motivating these days. I am talking about the DHS Club. I didn’t know how good this program really was when I joined a couple of years ago. There are two roles you can play in this program. You can be a Shopper and save money or cash backs every time you purchase something through them on the net. If you for instance plan to buy a new PC from DELL this can be a substantial amount of $$$. The DHS Club has deals with most of the companies you can buy from and we are talking about everything from discounts, cash back and reward points. You can also be an Associate Member and refer other Associate Members and Shoppers and you can earn on purchases made by people in your network organization. The Shopper and Associate Member are both free memberships.

The Online Shopping Mall stores include Target, Spiegel, Upper Deck, Rooms To Go, Gap, Old Navy, Macys, Best Buy, Omaha Steaks, Office Depot, Expedia, Home Shopping Network, Sears, Brylane Home, Chadwicks of Boston, eBay, Coldwater Creek, Staples, Eddie Bauer Outlet, Dominos Pizza, Office Max, Dell Computers, Amazon, Home Depot and many more. The amounts you spend with these stores determine the amount you can save every month. Looking at the list of stores I assume that there are some dollars to save.

You can also take the step up to a paid (VIP) member which means that you can recruit Shoppers Associate Members and other VIP members and build a little business to run in your spare time. You earn a commission every time you recruit another VIP and you will also earn on purchases made by people (Associate Members and Shoppers) in your network organization. I know about people who are living a good life doing this full time.

When you start as a free Associate Member, the VIP’s above you start to build a network for you. When I joined I had a network of more than hundred people and even a VIP in it before I upgraded to VIP my self. Then in order to cover the monthly cost of the VIP membership you will need a line built by yourself with at least one VIP. This is the difficult part, but not so difficult if you have a good prospecting system like I have. Click here to see what it looks like!

DHS Club has a comprehensive training program that will make you available for more important roles within the organization and make it even more profitable for you. If you are serious about learning this business and can stay focused on it and really do what’s needed to do you can soon quit your 9 to 5 work and stay home building a life style with a lot more time for your self and your family.



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What is the #1 MLM opportunity program?

This is the most common question I get from people new to Internet Marketing. I would like to answer that it’s not about the program, it’s about you. If you seriously learn MLM marketing you will do well in just any MLM program. If the one asking, is quite newto this, don’t have a domain name or a website, I use to recommend Global Domains International (GDI).

Why you may ask? GDI is the ideal start up MLM program. It’s a well established company, more than five years old. It provides you with exactly what you need when you are about to start up your new Internet Home business. You get your own domain name, a hosting for your web site where you can host up to ten pages. You also get ten email addresses on your domain that you have full control over, all for as little as US $10 a month. In addition you also get a business opportunity that can earn you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for many years to come.

Today there are so many things affecting peoples life that give them a strong motivation to change there situation towards more economical freedom, better earnings and more time to spend with there families. Since the Internet Web started to attract people about ten to twelve years ago many millions of people have get used to use the web and they are right now in the situation that they want to change their lives and take advantage of all opportunities the web offers. Why couldn’t you benefit from that?

If you are one of those, the first thing you need to do is to find out if you have what it takes to establish yourself as a leader and start to build your own Internet home business. It isn’t as easy as they tell you when they want you to sign up, but it isn’t impossible either. I think as long as you know what it takes and you are prepared to seriously learn it and do what you have to do you should be very well on the way to your success.


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Why You Shouldn’t Promote Your MLM Opportunity Program


Let’s assume you are promoting Global Domains International (GDI) and you use their sales page. This is a page loaded with testimonials and other information the ordinary surfer has seen thousands of times. I know for sure that when I come across such a page I click away immediately as I believe most people do. I have tried this several years back and the result weren’t good. One out of 100 people stay and check such a page out. Then you must remember that at that time click through for such a page was higher than it is today.

You can look at it this way. You have actually made an effort to have your sales page displayed for 100 people. What did you get in return? One person who checked it out and clicked through, the other 99 displays was totally wasted because these visitors are gone and you don’t know who they are. This has to be improved in order to create your success. You can’t promote something that brings you a click through rate of less than 1%.

Today successful marketers are using a landing page (squeeze page) where they are bribing visitors with valuable and useful free gifts like free eBooks, free videos, free scripts or free audios. It also contains a form where they collect the visitors name and email address in return for the bribe. If you are smart you have set up your squeeze page so that the information from the opt-in goes straight in to your auto-responder account. Such a squeeze page, if designed correctly can have a conversion rate of 10% to 45% depending on the environment where it’s used. It’s around 10% if it’s used in a regular traffic exchange and up to 45% if used in a professional email campaign or if your squeeze page has some kind of a twist like a professional video or audio.

If you have done this the right way you now have some control since you know the name and email address of 10% to 45% of those who didn’t sign up for your GDI business. You have them in your prospect list and you can have your auto-responder sending out emails to them on a regular basis to convince them to sign up. If they don’t sign up and they stay on your prospect list (a lot of them do) you can sell them something else in the future. There will always be an opportunity where you can offer them something they really need.

If you set up all this in a smart way you will brand your name and yourself, create trust among your subscribers and that’s what it all boils down to in this business. People do business with the ones they know and trust.

This wasn’t as simple as you have been told, was it? As a matter of fact it has been more difficult to do business on the Internet lately. Even if it’s not as easy as you might have expected it’s still possible and doing it this way is the only way. There are no short cuts. If you want to find out what it really takes to do this and what kind of budget you will need to do it, stay tuned to this blog. In the next post I will tell you what it takes.

If you feel confident that you have an enough strong budget and feel that you want to go for this method, these links will take you to the tools to use in order to achieve success in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Go here for the best prospecting system available: Instant MLM Squeeze Pages

Go here for the best auto-responder available: Aweber

If you sign up using those links above you can always contact us if you have any problem and we will be here to help you. You can contact us by clicking the ”About” link at the top and then look for the link to contact us.


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Why Are You Promoting Your MLM Opportunity Program?


Is it because that’s what people did 10 to 15 years ago?

At that time everyone wanted to participate in an MLM Opportunity. There where very few available at that time and most people had not been burned yet. Today there are thousands of ”Get Rich Fast MLM Opportunity Programs” and most people have tried several of them and failed several times so no one is interested in your MLM program any more. That’s the real reason you shouldn’t promote it.

I’m not saying that these programs are bad. If you do your marketing right and help people to be successful in them, you can earn a quiet fortune from them and retire in a few years. I’m just saying that it’s worthless to promote something people are not looking for.

What are people looking for?

Today more people than ever are desperately looking for a plan B. A way to start an internet business they can operate from the comfort of their home. But most people aren’t experienced enough to do that by them selves. They are looking for a strong leader who can help and coach them in the process. They may know that an MLM Opportunity Program could very well be the foundation of their business but they also know from experience that it’s not the key to their success. The key is the strong leader who can help them to get all the different components of a successful Internet Business in place and who can then motivate them to role up their selves, work hard and make all sacrifices needed in order to succeed.

There are many success stories!

If you analyze some of the success stories out there, you will find that it started out with a strong leader who could make strong leaders and even teach others to make strong leaders. As a matter of fact, to be very successful, you need to brand yourselves as a strong leader and make everyone in your downline the kind of leader I described above. It’s not easy but it’s possible. One thing is for sure, you will not do it by promoting your MLM Opportunity Program.

If you have some time to invest in your future success I suggest that you check out this amazing video that will show you how to create financial freedom the right way. And it’s yours free courtesy of my friend James Grandstaff. You dont even have to opt in!

Go here!

In my next post to this blog I will give you more reasons not to promote your MLM Opportunity Program


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