Why Are You Promoting Your MLM Opportunity Program?

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Why Are You Promoting Your MLM Opportunity Program?


Is it because that’s what people did 10 to 15 years ago?

At that time everyone wanted to participate in an MLM Opportunity. There where very few available at that time and most people had not been burned yet. Today there are thousands of ”Get Rich Fast MLM Opportunity Programs” and most people have tried several of them and failed several times so no one is interested in your MLM program any more. That’s the real reason you shouldn’t promote it.

I’m not saying that these programs are bad. If you do your marketing right and help people to be successful in them, you can earn a quiet fortune from them and retire in a few years. I’m just saying that it’s worthless to promote something people are not looking for.

What are people looking for?

Today more people than ever are desperately looking for a plan B. A way to start an internet business they can operate from the comfort of their home. But most people aren’t experienced enough to do that by them selves. They are looking for a strong leader who can help and coach them in the process. They may know that an MLM Opportunity Program could very well be the foundation of their business but they also know from experience that it’s not the key to their success. The key is the strong leader who can help them to get all the different components of a successful Internet Business in place and who can then motivate them to role up their selves, work hard and make all sacrifices needed in order to succeed.

There are many success stories!

If you analyze some of the success stories out there, you will find that it started out with a strong leader who could make strong leaders and even teach others to make strong leaders. As a matter of fact, to be very successful, you need to brand yourselves as a strong leader and make everyone in your downline the kind of leader I described above. It’s not easy but it’s possible. One thing is for sure, you will not do it by promoting your MLM Opportunity Program.

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In my next post to this blog I will give you more reasons not to promote your MLM Opportunity Program


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